Design question

Hi, I am new to Intesis and need some general guidance to help me design a solution to integrate the following Mitsubishi mini split units to a Control4 Home Automation system.
From my reading I am guessing I can control each system from a single “hub” which talks to the main condenser and in turn to the interior head units.

Looking for some part numbers to build this system.
Generally. What are the the typical SKUS I would be using for a Mitsubishi setup.

Appreciate the help.
System #1:
Condenser: MXZ3C30NAHZ Hyper Heat
Head Unit : MSZGL15

Head Unit : MSZGL06
Head Unit : MSZGL09

Systems # 2
Condenser: MXZ2C20NAHZ Hyper Heat
Head Unit : MSZKJ12 (Floor mount)
Head Unit : MSZGL12


Are sales will be able to help you with finding what Intesis device would work with your Mitsubishi mini split units

@us_sales .