Device assigned already (DO NOT EDIT THIS:57046)

Dear DJ,

Procedure we’d need to follow for device reassignation is the following:

  1. I’ll need you to send us a picture of your device, showing the MAC address of your device - see bottom of page 2 in next document as to where to find it -

This will be used as a proof that you actually have the device.

  1. With that information, I’ll get the information from the previous user, and e-mail him, with instruction on how to unassign, and warning that device will be automagically reassigned if no action is performed from his side.

  2. In case no answer is received from former user, or no action is performed from his side, after 7-days of having sent previous e-mail to user, device is released manually from database from our side, and we notify you.

So, to start the procedure, I need the picture mentioned in 1.

Best regards,

Nazly López Patarroyo
Technical Support Team / IntesisHome - Airconwithme


I will create a ticket for this issue and include the customer for communication.