Device settings for test automation

Does anyone know the settings for ECU-test test automation tool to access IXXAT USB to CAN V2 compact hardware. I need to write test cases for CAN testing on RT hardware in ECU-test. And I have the IXXAT device as a testing node on the CAN bus.

What is the software, is it called “ECU-Test”? Is it Windows based? Do you have documentation?

If it is this product: ECU-TEST | TraceTronic GmbH then it is Windows-based and you will need to install the VCI driver V4: Ixxat VCI driver for PC CAN interfaces and INpact

What are the settings? The baud rate would be determined by the bus you are connecting to.

Hi Kyle,
Yes it is the tool - windows based.
I have the correct VCI drivers installed, however, ECU-Test fails to connect to the IXXAT hardware.

I have the following hardware:
USB-to-CAN V2 compact
Order No. 1.01.0281.90001

datenblatt_ecu-test_en (1).pdf (342.6 KB)

The data sheet says that ECU-Test is compatible with HMS Bus interfaces.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t give me enough information to be able to help you. I’m not familiar with the software and they don’t specify which HMS Bus interfaces or HMS drivers they are compatible with. Have you contacted and asked them yet?

Are you able to run the IXXAT Cananalyser3 Mini software (included with VCI V4) and read data from a bus? That would at least confirm that your hardware is working correctly.

Hi Kyle,
As per ECU-Test support the device is compatible with ECU-Test. Also listed in the Help documentation.
I was able to see the hardware in the IXAAT Cananalyser3 Mini and also see bus traffic on the log.
But on the test configuration on ECU-test not able to connect.

The product that you have highlighted is the USB-to-CAN II which is different (older verison) than the USB-to-CAN V2. It shows version 2.5 and 2.1.8 of the VCI driver. Is that the only HMS/IXXAT interface that they have listed?

If so, you may be able to get it working if you install the VCI2 on VCI4 Add On in the VCI V4 installer file. It’s worth a shot.

Also check if they have support for the USB-to-CAN V2 and VCI V4 driver.