Devicenet scanner setup questions 1/8/19


Hi Fred,

You can respond to me here if you have any follow up questions.



Hello Deryck,

I was able to install the appropriate eds files and apply 24vdc for the DeviceNet loop voltage. I am not scanning all my devices.

Can you point me towards some documents on setting up a modbus server. I want to map the values i am reading from my devicenet slaves to a modbus master for my SCADA to read from.

I am using AB7630-F.



Hi Fred,

Here are direct links to the manual we discussed on the phone.
The modbus mapping can be found in section 5 of the Ethernet addendum.

The following app note covers configuring the device net scanner and mapping it to the memory buffer.



Thanks Deryck. It looks like i can only define 512 input registers on the Modbus server. I have 23 devicenet slaves and all together i am reading 1548 bytes. I want to assign the addresses to input registers 30000 to 30491.

This device only does 512 bytes. Can i define more bytes to host all my tags in the attached spreadsheet?
5835_Condition Monitoring_IO List_20190114_v1.xlsx (70.0 KB)


Hello @Frederick_Nelson,

The gateway is limited to 512 bytes in both directions. This is a hardware limitation and we can not expand this restriction.


Hello Deryck, is this 512 bytes per slave device or my entire DeviceNet ring?


512 is the limit that the gateway can exchange in each direction.

Max. 512 bytes of Input and 512 bytes of Output data