Did HMS / Anybus make this module?

Helm Instrument sold me this RS422 module [part no. RLG422] with the recommendation that I use it with a HMS-EN2SE-R gateway. I was told that the module had been designed for them by Anybus. I received the part in a bag with no specifications or installation instructions; when I contact Helm for support I get little or no attention.
Is it possible that Anybus did manufacture this module and, if so, can you help me with finding more information about it?
Thanks in advance, I appreciate the responsiveness that I have gotten from HMS support previously.


I am not sure what product you have in the image i don’t see any indication it is a HMS device. RLG422 does not look like a part number for us at hms and doesn’t show up as a part number in any of the databases I searched.

The hms-en2se-r would be a device made by HMS. You can find info and a picture of the device here: https://www.anybus.com/support/file-doc-downloads/linking-devices-specific/?orderCode=hms-en2se-r


I have spoken previously to Tim, is that tim_hms? I left him a voicemail and I got voicemail back yesterday late. I have the HMS-EN2SE-R gateway but am trying to find information about the RLG422 so I can set the gateway up.

Hi @kstoo,

I spoke with Tim on this he was thinking that you might have had something that was using one of embedded solutions anybus S or compactcom. Looking at the image that does not look like any standard HMS product.


OK thanks for the information. I had to determine that before I could decide what my next move is. I’m going to do some homework and then see about getting startup assistance quoted.
thanks again.