Dinamica Virtual - Netbiter EC310

Our company has a EC310 device that shows that it is online,but it does no permit any connection. The following message apears “You need to have at least one device and channel enable”
The firmware of the device is up to date.
Any suggestions on how to solve this?
Thank you!

Hi @dinamica,

Can you take a look at this post and see if it fixes your issue?


Good Morning

I that option is enabled.

Did not fix the issue.

Any other suggetions?

Thank you

Are you using RS485 or RS232 on your device?

Neither. RJ45…plain ethernet connection from the plc to the netbiter and from the netbiter to the internet router

It looks like you need to enable the device in Quick Connect. Can you show more of the quick connect window in a screenshot? The device may be configured just not enabled.

I think right now the issue is that the device is offline

yes,not its offline,but even offline i get the same message that i never had before. Maybe its a problem on my side?on my laptop?

As long as the device is enabled in quick connect and you have that network bridge on, I think you should be fine to connect if the device is online. Do you have anybody near the device that could help get it back online?

Enabled how? I havent changed a single thing. I can try and request that to our client. But in the meanwhile is there something that i can do for quicker debugging of this issue?

With your connection added you also have to select it. In the following image the first connection is selected while the second is not.

We have the network bridge fields completelly filled.
i dont understand

You need to have the enabled circle checked on the left, like the first one and not unchecked like the second.