Disconnection of VPN when machinery starts

HI I have an odd situation,
One of our clients Ewons works perfectly up until our client starts the machinery then it will lose its VPN connection.
‘They can monitor the machine and program only when the machine starts running the ewon goes offline so if the machine is stop they can do everything as soon as the machine is running the ewon loses connection’

Can supply a back up if needed.

Please supply the backup with support files and more information about the machine. How is the machine connected? What protocol is it using? Etc.

Customer has responded:
wired ethernet they have put in just for our machine

They don’t understand how they can be online for so long then it fails.

Seems to be when they press start on the machine, can it be that larger amounts of data are transferring then

Hi Kyle
I have attached the back up the other information i will get as soon as possible.


I found this error in the logs:

1600877121	23/09/2020 16:05:21	pla-Switch monitoring (<a data-jx href='/rcgi.bin/wsdForm?AST_ErrorMsg=switch monitor activated&sys_Csave=1&sys_SWITCH_MONITOR=1'>counters fix here</a>)	pgdef-Switch monitoring		0	1073762010

It indicates that there is some kind of interference coming over the ethernet cable. It seems that there is an issue with that machine, or it’s network card. Can they try putting a small switch in between it and the Ewon? They are probably going to have to contact the OEM of the machine as this indicates an issue with the machine and not the Ewon.

He installed a network switch and as soon as the machine started running it kicked me off.
Just to let you know the PLC is always in run and not a problem its when the machine starts.

We put the switch between the machine and the ewon is that correct.

Any help is appreciated.

This sounds like it’s an issue with the machine and not the Ewon. Have you contacted the OEM to see if they know the what may be happening on their network card when the machine starts running?

In order to be certain of what the problem is, we would need to get a packet capture (you can use the free software Wireshark) from the network. You will need to either mirror a port with a switch, or have an Ewon technician run a capture using a laptop on-site connected to the Ewon. If you need help getting the pcap, you will need to contact the UK HMS Support team. You can do that by opening a case at https://mysupport.hms.se.

I will inform them about the issue so that they will be expecting your email.

In the meantime, I do have a couple other questions that may possibly help the UK team:

  1. Can you verify that you can communicate with the machine in question when it is not “running”? What is it’s IP address?

  2. Was the machine connected directly to the Ewon before you added the switch, or was it going through a different switch? How long is the cable? How close is the Ewon to the machine? Does the machine cause vibrations or anything that shake the Ewon or wires?

  3. Does the machine have any other network interfaces, or just the one connected to the Ewon?

  4. Does the machine produce high voltage or anything else that may cause electromagnetic interference? If so, have you made sure that you are using a shielded Ethernet cable?

Hi just had an update to this:

We removed all the ethernet cables from the trunking in the panel but still the same issue.

Is the machine still connected to the Ewon?

Does the Ewon lose VPN if the machine IS NOT connected?