Distributed Clock performance in ABCC



Some of our EtherCAT Semi customers are looking for performance information on our Distributed Clock implementation within the NP40 EtherCAT devices. The only mention of DC in our various Design Guides is this phrase in our EtherCAT Implementation Guide “Support for Sync0 functionality using distributed clocks”.

Is there any information on performance specifications?

(I believe our customer is looking for a 1 microsecond or less synchronization)

Dave Montesano

Regional Sales Engineer – N.A. Western Region



I just took a look at the datasheet and it looks like our DC synchronization caps out around 100µs



@Dave_Montesano_hms and @Tim_hms

The customer should be looking at the Anybus® CompactCom™ 40 EtherCAT® Network Guide.

3.2.2 EtherCAT Synchronization

The Anybus CompactCom 40 EtherCAT modules all demonstrate less than 1 μs synchronization
accuracy. For RJ45 products the accuracy may be around 50 ns under good conditions, and for EBus products around 30 ns.