DK-RC-BK-1 Bacnet Automatic Command Error for OccupiedCoolingSetPoint

Customer called in regarding a DK-RC-BK-1 unit that is raising an error when a BACNET command is sent for OccupiedCoolingSetPoint. When the the point is set for automatic, the customer recieves a “Parameter out of Bounds” error.

I will look into this issue and follow up with the customer as soon I have an update.

Below is a screenshot of the actual error message. When the point is discovered it is sitting at 73°, but if a SET command or AUTO command is issued, it immediately goes to this Fault Cause.


What is the OccupiedHeatSetPoint value? There is a min difference required between OccupiedCool and OccupiedHeat. Due to the Celsuis to Farenheit degree translation, the difference is must be atleast 4 degrees Farenheit.