DMweb API DataMailbox - 'getdata' limit

Hi, when using the DMweb API DataMailbox ‘getdata’ request, sometimes the “moreDataAvailable”:true appears if not all the data in the time range specified is returned in the response.

My question is when not all the data is returned (moreDataAvailable=true), does it start at the beginning timestamp and return data from all tags up to the same end timestamp, such that if the query returns 1 hour’s worth of data, it has all tags’ data for the 1 hour interval?

Is the data returned limited by the size of the response, such that the greater # of tags with historical data enabled (or the shorter time interval between saving tags) reduces the timespan of the response?

(second question): for a float value, is there any way to reduce the # of decimal places that are returned (ex. reduce ‘60.01301193237305’ down to ‘60.013’) ?


Hi acj,

Given no further inputs to constrain the timespan or limit the number of datapoints for each tag, you are correct that the data runs from the beginning timestamp (if specified, otherwise the oldest data comes first) to the same end timestamp. You are also correct that the data returned is limited by the size of the response. To test this, you can use the parameter tagid to limit the request to a single tag.

I am not aware of any way to truncate the length of floats in DataMailbox.

For further reference, consult the API documentation on the DMWeb API page.

Best regards,