Does HMS Ethernet/IP EDS generation tool add in assembly member reference?


I had a question on what gets auto generated from the Ethernet/IP B40 module when using the HMS EDS generation tool, specifically regarding the member reference in the assembly section.

I have a working B40 implementation that can exchange data with a PLC via explicit messaging. We successfully passed ODVA conformance testing.I recently added process IO data using mapped assemblies, which I think is also working and our plan is to pay to amend our statement of conformance with ODVA so we can include the implementation with implicit IO and some other improvements.

When the HMS EDS generation tool runs I can see all my parameter names in the [Params] section. In the assemblies the data size looks correct but there are no names or member reference section in the EDS.

Is there a way or setting you can turn on in the HMS host files that will allow the HMS EDS generation tool to list out the member reference in the assemblies? Or is the expectation that you manually edit those into the EDS file after the file in generated?

I have some other example ESD files I was given by an reviewer to use as a guide for our EDS file. Those example EDS files have parameters listed in the member reference section of the assemblies when viewed via the ODVA EZEDS tool (format is ParamX - Name).

Its no problem for me to manually edit a member reference into the EDS file after the HMS tool generates the EDS file but I wanted to confirm that is the normal process.

I found a guide from Rockwell on creating an EDS AOP friendly EDS file which I am trying to follow. I there are any other common items that developers typically post process after the HMS tool generates the EDS file please let me know. I have reviewed or skimmed all of the large set of HMS docs but I didn’t see any EDS specific guides from HMS.

I am using HMS EDS Generator Tool Version The Ethernet/IP B40 firmware is version ABCC40-EIP 1.50.02.

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I believe manually updating the EDS files is the correct approach. I don’t think the EDS generator we provide is capable of setting up the members.