Download a pdf file on ViewOn

do you think it’s possible to download a pdf file from a ViewOn generated page?
I would like to create a manual that the user would be able to download.


If you store the file in the Ewon’s usr directory, I think you should be able to pull that file using the EBD and then create a button that prompts you for a download.

Here’s an example I helped a customer with on grabbing historical data, you should be able to modify it so that instead of using dtHT with set times, and just use dtUF for user file instead of historical table

Can you take a look at that post and let me know if you have additional questions? It has a lot of moving parts in the example but I think yours should be a little more straight forward

Hi, @Tim_hms, that should work,
Thanks for you help

You’re welcome, let me know if you run into any issues