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good evening, where can we download a concrete and complete example of viewon4 with javascript please.




good evening, where can we download a concrete and complete example of viewon4 with javascript please

I bought a license but in reality it is used for what?




Hello Kirty,

What are you trying to do with Javascript and ViewON? Also are you saying that you have a license for ViewON?



Good evening, general examples, I often work on the basis of examples rather than reading books (lack of time).
That’s why I bought a Viewon license



Hi Kirty,

I can give you some help with designing some programs for ViewON but can you give me some kind of things you want to do with the page?



I have to design communication interfaces between our plant and our wastewater treatment plants so examples load Ewon variables in mm to display them in cm for more comfortable modifications and send them back to the PLCs via ewon (Felxy). Make archives of measurements, alarms … For the part Ewon <-> PLC and graph it’s easy but for the rest … I still have some notion of c ++, phs and java (but this is 15 years old and almost never practiced)

And all this alone!



Can you take a look at the viewON4NewFeaturesDemo included with the version 4.0.1 of ViewON? It should give a few examples on Java Script and some useful info on setting it up for screens/phones/tablets


good evening, I know I have already respected but it is not that what seeks, would not see more concrete examples
Please, it’s urgent

thank you



Tim asked me to take a look at this issue, would we be able to setup a time for a phone call and a teamviewer to review what you are looking for and work though an example. I should be able to help show you how to pull tag data from the to view though viewon. We can also take a look at the basic scripting engine that would allow you to manipulate the data.

Let me know what time works next week between 8am and 4 est.

Best regards,


Good evening, I looked on your forum and found the examples I needed.
I adapted them and it works
thanks anyway