Downloading files

Using Rslogix5000

I’M TRYING TO CONNECT MY ANYBUS X-GATE (AB7632) WITH MY PROCON (PT8TCS) VIA STATIX 2500 (1783-LMS8). I WANT TO USE (EtherNet/IP Scanner/ Master)( Modbus-TCP Server/Slave)

But I’m having problems downloading to the Anybus it gives me an error every time I try. Please advise Thank you

Hello Ernest,

What is the error that is appearing?


First error: timeout when communicating with module! Then is shows the progress bar with Error occurred!


This issue happens from time to time.

We found that power cycling the unit after the unit appears, then retrying the download resolves this issue.


I’m not having any luck with that. I’ve tried a few times and I’m getting the same error.

I have the device at my desk now and it’s showing a different error.


Does the Ethernet adapter have 1 ports or 2? If it has 2 ports, you will need to select that entry.


Try doing the Ethernet/IP+Modbus TCP and Web Slave 2 Port, for the lower and upper.


Can you try doing an upload of the device? That should give you the correct configuration.


that worked. But I have another issue. I config. the top Ip address and the Bottom with a different address. How do I Map the Modbus? is there a file I need to add somewhere?