Ebuddy and Talk2M Connection

Previously, I was able to connect to remote eWON devices via eCatcher/Talk2M and successfully see the eWON in eBuddy. This allowed me to perform firmware upgrades and so forth.

Now I am experiencing intermittent results. We have several devices that currently do not appear in eBuddy when we connect via eCatcher and several that do. It doesn’t appear to be related to the firmware, but I can’t figure out what the issue might be.

Does it matter what PC you are connected from? Is it consistent?

This sounds like an issue we would really need to see happening in order to troubleshoot. Can you give us a temporary user on the account so that we can test? We would need a list of which ones are working and which are not. If not, can you give us access via Teamviewer and demonstrate for us?

Is this still a problem?

Yes it is, but I haven’t had time to perform the tasks you requested in your previous response.

It will probably be tomorrow before I can revisit. I will issue a response at that time.

Thanks for the update.