Ebuddy does not find ewon but i can go online


i have an Ewon cosy 131 and i am experiencing a bit of a issue with Ebuddy.

I have set the Ewon with the usual configuration (i have already another ewon working with the same setup) but unfortunalety i find myself in the following scenario:

  • i am able to ping my ewon device
  • i am able to access the online wizards by directly typing the ip address of the ewon
    BUT Ebuddy does not see the ewon device if i do the scan and i update the results.

Does someone have any hints?

Hello @serena,

I would uninstall and reinstall the newest version of eBuddy. https://hmsnetworks.blob.core.windows.net/www/docs/librariesprovider10/downloads-monitored/software/ebuddysetup.msi?sfvrsn=3a981ed7_34&download=true

Bet regards,