eBuddy latest software

Hello Sir/Madam

eBuddy software not displaying the Ewons on the network.
I am using the latest eBuddy software 12.3 and Ewon firmware 6.3
1 no antivirus on the Server
2 Firewall restriction checked.

*If I connect direct with a LAN cable on the Ewon via the eBuddy software it works 100%
*Ewons IP to 201 range subnet. gateway.
*Server IP subnet. gateway.
Pinging the Ewon from the server there is a reply meaning there is communication.
Accessing the Ewon via internet explorer I can access them individually no issues

The eBuddy is installed on the OS Windows Server 2016.
Question : Is the eBuddy latest version compatible with OS Windows Server 2016?
Please will you advice.I

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