EC 310 Slow Connection

Hello. I am wondering if there is any way to increase my connection speed through an EC 310 (wired Internet and LAN connections). I am aware there are a lot of factors that could be decreasing my speed - but I am able to use TeamViewer to connect to a laptop on site that is connected to the PLC in the same way as the Netbiter, and that connection is blazing fast. But that laptop is not always on site, and when I use QuickConnect instead, it shows about 4 KB/second, which is not fast enough to communicate with a Logix PLC. For some additional background, the server is set to the Americas (we are in the Midwest), and the firmware for the EC310 is up to date.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hi @austinv,

You are correct there are a good amount of factors that could be affecting the speed but 4 KB seems slow. Does the speed increase at different times of day?

Make sure you are on the latest firmware on the Netbiter. I also would recommend synchronizing the configuration again. We made a few server updates and there could be some settings that have changed and are affecting the speed.