EC 350 communicates by Modbus TCP

Dear HMS team.

We have an equipment that has a Modbus TCP protocol. We usually use Flexy, and it has this protocol. Does Netbiter communicates by Modbus TCP as well?

Thank you.

Yes the ewon Netbiter supports Modbus TCP along with Modbus RTU (RS232 & RS485).



We have an HMI that communicates Modbus TCP protocol. We’d like to show in Argos its tags.
In the administration manual I’ve found only for modbus Rtu, and it can works as a transparent gateway, but I don’t know how to adress to Netbiter.

According to the manual, I have to set the class, Instance and attribute.

Or if it is an Ethernet/IP tag i need to set slot and symbol tag:

I have the equipment memory map, with modbus’ adressess but I’d like to know if ts is possible to communicate directly by Modbus TCP, and how can I do it.

Hello @dpolycarpo,

It looks like you are working in a ethernet/IP template. You will want to create a modbus template to setup the modbus commands.

Once you have a template setup you will add a device to the netbiter. See Management > configuration >> device configuration. Then click add device, from here you can add using the template and specify the node ID and IP address. Once the device is added you will want to configure your logging, visualization, and alarms telling the Netbiter what do do with the parameters.

You can also first configure a profile that contains the logging, visual, and alarm parameters then add the device with it. This helps when you are talking to multiple devices of the same type.