EC350 Older Firmware

Where can I get the older Firmware for the EC350. See the Support page now only has the latest version and I need to do a direct upload as the signal is not great on the site in Africa. When I try and update over the network I get an error: Firmware update status: 2021-03-05 13:39:59.0 ERROR Cannot parse manifest file at 100 %.

Hello @Rudy_Rudolph, I am guessing you are looking for the V1.x to v2.x? I am not sure why it was removed.

Can you confirm you tried this option from the firmware page on Argos? This could be the reason for the error you are seeing in Argos


Thanks, Deryck
I looked on the EC350 support page where I normally downloaded them from in the past.

I could not do it remotely because of the bad GSM signal.

We are working on getting the page updated to include the older firmware.

Thanks Deryck

We managed to get a better connection and do the update that way.

Kind regards

Rudy Rudolph

Hi Rudy,

Thanks for following up, glad to hear it is working. I have also requested the firmware for V1 to V2 be added back to the site.