EC350 Red Flashing Light - Uplink/WAN

Configuring Netbiter EC350 for Remote Connection to Compact Logix PLC Via Ethernet.

Uplink/WAN Red light will flash off and on. After a few minutes, the red light goes away and the unit retries to connect.

DHCP server is active and port 455 looks to be available

What am I missing here?

Argos Config -
Use this system for remote access (ON)
Allow use of network bridge (ON)
LAN set to static IP
User rights set to allow remote connection

EC 350 Config-
WAN (Active) (DHCP)
LAN (Active) (Static

Quick Connect Config-
Rockwell Control Logix Config device (Computer IP on remote WAN

Hi @CMIRyan,

What is the DCHP range on the WAN side? I want to try and make sure there isn’t a LAN/WAN conflict

-Tim –


Can you try changing the LAN IP address to something outside of the range and see if that fixes the issue you’re seeing?

LAN was forced as the Uplink due to conflicting IP addresses -assuming because the number was lower then what the DHCP was allocating to the WAN and used the lower one… anyway unit is online now.

Question regarding the computer IP that is set in Quick connect- Is My computer’s IP on remote LAN: configured via the quick connect adapter bridge in my network settings? The adapter requires a hardwired connection, true?


Quick connect does not require a physical connection, but you will need to make sure that there aren’t any devices on the Netbiter side that will conflict with your network on your PC side.