eCacther VPN LAN Comms Fault


Hi, I recently noticed that eCatcher VPN for one of our equipment, does not allow us to communicate with the devices that are connected to the LAN. I have travelled to site, plugged in a cable into the switch and the devices read fine there. Does anyone have any idea to why this might be the case? I have opened and closed the firewall security but this does not seem to resolve it.


Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. We’re experiencing some server issues right now. I just updated our banner with a link for the status of the devices but here’s the link if you want to check it. We’re waiting on hearing back from the Belgium team that’s working on this


Hi Tim, it doesn’t seem to be associate with the server. Ecacther connects fine but I cant find the devices connected to the same LAN as the eWON (via PING). However the eWON can still read those devices.



Can you let me know what the IP addresses are for the eWON device and the LAN devices?