eCatcher between PC and device Netowrk


We have a customer who has an overlap -

However, when we check each one of his network adaptors, there is no overlap between any of them and the device’s LAN subnet -

Is there any other way an overlap could occur? He can manually add devices, so it’s like this -

But he has over 20 devices, so it’d be a huge hassle to add them all manually.

This might be an issue with a route stuck in the pc’s routing table. A reboot of the pc should resolve this.

The user had a bad DNS set-up in the router that was causing the issue. He set the router is and it worked. Strange, as eCatcher worked on an older laptop, even with the bad DNS.

Not sure how the DNS would have caused a network overlap. If there was a DNS issue the pc that was working might have been using the last known working IP.