eCatcher can't maintain a connection

I’ve been trying to connect to an eWON and eCatcher won’t maintain a connection for longer than 2 minutes. It’ll connect, I’ll start to get connected to our PLC and before Studio 5000 can establish a connection, the VPN will reset and reconnect. I’ve tried a different eWON and my coworker has been trying to connect to yet another eWON on his PC with all the same results. Is there something wrong with the build we’re using (6.4.1 build 28512)? The error log is logging a java.lang.Exception error (XML-RPC method Device.getLanDeviceInfos is called in the AWTEventThread!)


What is your main WAN connection method.

Can you provide a back up with support logs?

It started working better for no apparent reason, but it still disconnects and reconnects randomly. Here’s the log and error files from yesterday. WAN connections are through cell cards.



Unfortunately, these aren’t the logs that will assist with the diagnosis. You will need download the backup with support files through eBuddy. This can be done when your connected through eCatcher.

Sorry, is this the one you need?



Unfortuntely, I do need the support files selected when getting the back up through ebuddy.

What is the WAN Subnet range?
What is the LAN subnet range?

I do see a possible confict given the information found within the back up you supplied.

You will need to ensure that the LAN side and WAN side are on completely different subnets, with no overlap.

Alright I made sure to check the support files this time.

Note that one of the things I had to do yesterday was update the IP address scheme. We sent out our panel on one subnet (10.0.X.X), but our customer wanted it on a different one (10.1.X.X).



I checked the back up file that you provided. The device has a cellular modem for the internet connection. However, the GSM level is at a 9. Your device is has a weak cellular connection, therefore it cannot maintain an internet connection.

I advise using an antennae extender to get a stronger signal to the unit, and monitor for any disconnects

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