eCatcher data limits

Is there a way to add Data to my account other than adding connections? It is really not cost effective to add connections when they are not needed.

1 Connection-Pro = 3GB Data = $27
1GB of data Overage is $5, 3GB = $15

But I would like to preload my account with enough money to cover some of my monthly bills. $400-$600

Hi @abrannon ,

I would not suggest purchasing an additional concurrent connection if your objective is to add more data. As you’ve pointed out, the overage data is more cost effective than the additional concurrent connection.

Talk2M Pro is a credit based service. When you purchase the Talk2M Pro Service (PN: TM50041) you receive enough credits to last you exactly 1 year if your usage is under the defined limits. If you exceed the defined limits, you will draw down your credits faster than 1 year. To account for these overages, you can preload your account with more credits by purchasing multiple of the TM50041. These credits are added to your Talk2M account and the credits do not expire.

In short, purchasing multiple of the TM50041 Talk2M Pro Service Credit Packs is the most efficient solution to this problem.

If you have further questions, feel free to respond here or email our sales team at

Nolan H.
Inside Sales
HMS Networks

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Thank you.