eCatcher Frequent Timeout


I am experiencing what appears to be frequent time outs of eCatcher about every 30 seconds . Any information how fix to the eCatcher timeout? Any workaround to offer?

eCatcher connection restarts frequently
eCatcher connection restarts frequently
eCatcher constantly reconnecting
eCatcher rebooting frequently

Is there a way to dertmine if eCatcher rebooting constantly is with the server or the eWon? Any tell tales in the log?


I have added the event file for review. I cannot get a download of the support files as the reboot interferes with any process longer than 45 secondevents.txt (138.6 KB)


Looks Like I can get the support filesBackup.etar.gz (30.9 KB)


Looks Like I can get the support filesBackup.etar.gz (30.9 KB)


You need to make the backup using eBuddy and check the box for “support files”


Thanks for the follow up. Here is the files requested




Hi George,

There isn’t anything obvious jumping out in the logs or configs so we may need to try a factory reset, but there are a couple things I’d like you try first:

  1. Make sure the date and time are correct on the eWON
  2. Set EthDns1 and EthDns2 (in comcfg.txt or Setup > System > Storage > Edit COMcfg) to public DNS servers (like and
  3. Change the name of the eWON to something simple (like ewon123)
  4. Change ModExpType (in comcfg) from ‘139’ to ‘-1’ and rerun the Internet Wizard

If none of these changes make a difference please do a factory reset and re-run the Wizards.

Let me know if that helps or not.

Thank you,



Thank you for looking into the problem, will let you know if more ideas are needed


Hello Kyle,

Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried them all to no effect. I was wondering about the modem initialization string as a possible source of trouble. Our service department set up the eWons by loading a configuration they have from a past eWon setup. Is it possible this action (eBuddy Restore) is causing the problem?


Yes, this is absolutely possible and in this case sounds probable. Please do a factory reset by holding down the Reset button while you power on the device. Continue to hold the button down for 30 - 40 seconds, until you see the USR LED blink Red and then become solid Red. Only after it’s solid red, release the button and power cycle the device. Run the set up Wizard and see if you can maintain a consistent connection now.