eCatcher USB / SD Card Device Configuration Wizard Error

When running the USB / SD Card Device Configuration Wizard, I am able to get to the step where it attempt to write the file to the SD Card (which is empty and formatted to FAT32). It is throwing an error “Error during encryption of the configuration.” and then fails. After it fails, the SD card contains a cmcfg.txt file, but the file is empty. I’m running the latest (6.5.2) build.

Hello Rob,

I will attempt to replicate this issue herre and follow up with you later today.

Thanks Kevin! To add a few more details, this error is only occurring when going through the 3G/4G setup. Ethernet and Wifi seem to be working successfully. The only info that we need to put in is the APN and the rest is blank.

Thank you for the update. I will begin testing the cell setup we have.


I successfully replicated this issue on eCatcher 6.5.2. I will begin the escalation process to address this bug within our software.

In the meantime if you need to cell devices, please use an earlier version of the software. I will update you once i recieve a response from our developers.

Hello Rob,

Our developers have filed a bug for this issue, but also gave a work around for it.

During the config process where you set the APN, also type in a password. This will trigger the option to disable the encryption. Set it as “Clear Text”, and resume the config process. Once it completes, open the COMCFG file, and delet the password entered in. This will retain the configuration settings, and allow connection.

Thanks Kevin! I’ll give that a try on the next one that comes through. For now, we just configured it through the web interface as usual.