Ecatcher VPN tunnel error STATE: 00000000, EXITING [...]

Hi folks,

today i got the shown Error while trying to connect to a customer.
I already followed the fix from this thread:

But without success…
I also tried to rename the adapter name and change it in ovpn File (so they are equal)
I’ve set it back to "–dev-node “Talk2m-eCatcher” to the marked adapter.

I’m running eCatcher Build 6.5.6 30508 without Admin rights (which worked before)


If you need further information please ask.
Thank you for your help!

Can you try uninstalling eCatcher and install the new version here to see if that works?

eCatcher Version 6.6.4

I made a clean uninstall, rebooted and installed the new version (6.6.4).
Thread can be marked as solved.
Thank you very much.

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Glad to hear it’s working now!