ECI driver and SocketCAN driver

Hi, i would like to use USBtoCAN FD on Ubuntu V20.04. Do i install ECI driver or SocketCAN to use USBtoCAN FD?


You should be able to use the socketCAN driver. See the table at the bottom of this page: Driver and Software Support for Ixxat CAN Interfaces

At what condition, then i use ECI driver?

Hi @ckwan,

I reached out to a colleague who is much more knowledgeable in the two drivers.

I was not accurate with my last comment both drivers support CAN FD. The key difference is that the ECI driver is defined by US (HMS/IXXAT) while the SOCKETCAN is an open source “standard”.
The ECI driver has a bit more implemented then the SocketCAN driver. With things like Time stamps for CAN messages, Self-Reception-Functionality, ECI uses the functions instead of the ASCII commands used in the SocketCAN.
My colleague recommended downloading both and comparing the two. Please note the ECI and SocketCAN can not be used simultaneously. The ECI has to be unloaded using the SocketCAN and vice versa. Please note, that our actual SocketCAN driver does not run with the current version of Ubuntu (with the Linux Kernel 5). We are working on a beta that will have support and we expect to release soon.


Hi Deryck,
Thanks for clarifying ECI and SocketCAN driver.


Your welcome, Here is a quick chart that might help as well.

ECI & SocketCAN comparison

Feature ECI SocketCAN Description
CAN support V V
CAN-FD support V V
API designed by HMS-IXXAT Open Source Community Simply change of hardware manufacturer is possible using the SocketCAN
API concept HMS-IXXAT-ECI-API open Source SocketCAN-API & ASCII commands in shell
Time Stamp V V
Self-Reception V -
implementation Kernel mode / User mode Kernel mode
operating system Linux & VxWorks & INtime Linux

Thanks Deryck for the nice comparison chart.