Edit multiple tags at same time

Hi, I’m needing to enable Historical Logging for multiple tags. Is there any way to edit multiple tags at the same time, vs. one-at-a-time?


Hi acj,

You can achieve this by downloading and editing var_list.csv from your device, either by FTP or in the Files Transfer section under the Diagnostic header in the left panel. Note that this is a semicolon delimited file, so you may need to change your settings for Excel to interpret it properly (or just find and replace semicolons to commas before opening in Excel, then the other way round when you’ve made your edits). The relevant columns are LogEnabled, where a value of 1 enables historical logging, LogDB, which specifies the log deadband, and LogTimer, which specifies how often to record a value.

Once you’ve made your desired changes, use FTP to upload the file to your device and overwrite the existing var_list.csv. This will apply the changes to your tags.

Best regards,