EDS File Assembly Object Reference Members


We use the CompactCom M40 module on the STM3240G development kit. We performed some tests by compiling the application examples. When we created the EDS file with the HMS EtherNET / IP EDS Generator tool and opened this file in the EZ-EDS application, we saw that the size of the Producing Data and Consuming Data Assembly Objects were correct, but the parameters were not added in the reference member list. We tried with many different changes, but were not successful. It is specified that the EIP_IA_PROD_INSTANCE_MAP_ENABLE property is not used on 40-Series devices. How can we do this using CompactCom M40 and STM3240G? We use the Keil platform for development.

We also want to add the parameters to the group object as in the screenshot below. Is it possible to do this with the CompactCom M40?

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I will need to look into if this is supported with the compactcom. Generally the ADI’s are mapped to process data and accesses though the assembly object.

Can you provide more details on what you are looking to use this for. Have you reached out to you local support team via mysupport.hms.se ?


Hi Deryck,

We are a welding machine manufacturer. We want to communicate our welding machines with robots. When we met with robot companies for this, they sent some sample EDS files. The EDS files they sent were from machines using CompactCom 40 or CompactCom 30. When we saw that all of these EDS files had parameters attached inside the Assembly object, we thought it should be this way. I did not know mysupport.hms.se, thank you for the redirection, I will create a new case from this address.

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Let me know if you have issue reaching them or if there is anything else I can help with.