EDS file for Anybus AB 7007


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We will need to know the Article number (looks like AB#### or HMS-EN2XX-X) or serial number to identify the correct EDS file for your device. If you can reply to this message with that, or a picture of the device label I can point you in the right direction. You can also find all the necessary documentation, software, and configuration files on our website at https://www.anybus.com/support where you can find a product page by entering the article number in the search box.

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The EDS and serial number are on this sticker:


Thanks. I will ask the vendor


Please see attached photo.


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Here is the link to the EDS for the AB7007, EIP to ModbusTCP:





Which EDS? The one I have highlighted?


005A000C004D0300.EDS to be used with Anybus Configuration Manager version or later

Make sure you are using the latest version of ABCM.


Now I am really confused. I registered that file in Logix Studio 5000 and it is still not recognized. And what is ABCM?

The vendor set up the device I just need to send data to it from our PLC.


Use the EDS Install Tool with 005A000C004D0300.EDS.

ABCM is Anybus Configuration Manager. I am telling you to use the latest version and provided a link above.

Then you will go to “Add Module” under “Ethernet” and you will find the AB7007. Make sure you enter the correct I/O info.



If I understand correctly I need install the ABCM software and use it to configure the Anybus module then I will be able to add the hardware to the PLC. Right?


You can add the Anybus to your project at any time, but you will probably want to wait until you know the Input and Output sizes.

You will need to use the ABCM software to configure the Anybus Communicator.

Make sure to set the Fieldbus type to ‘Ethernet/IP & Modbus-TCP’:

When you finish your config, make sure to connect and download it to the Anybus, and check the I/O sizes. Any easy way is to use the Subnet monitor. Right click Subnetwork > Subnetwork monitor:

Let me know if you have any questions.