EDS File problems, Eltorque QT 50

When I Scan Network in Anybus Configuration Manager (AnyBus AB7307-b)- CANopen I can see my Anybus X-gateway (green) and 39 nodes of the eltorque valves, they are Empty Node (blue) with status No matching ESD file.

I have downloaded and installed ESD file from Eltorque.
If I drag the EDS file to the valves it goes red and with Status Node differs.

I have no problem configuring the PDO mapping and dowload the configuration to the gateway.
Does this affect in any way that the EDS file differs?

Br Kristian Aarseth

If the EDS does not match the nodes you are connecting to the device might have issue reading from nodes. If CANopen ACM cant match up the EDS this suggest the EDS might not be correct or the device differs from version the EDS is for. Some times it’s a simple issue with the verison that you can correct yourself. Hovering over the node in error usually will show what differs. If that doesn’t work I would recommend working with the OEM to make sure the EDS file matches.