eFive IP scheme

does each remote site have to have a unique IP setup for an eFive configuration? it’s been a while since I’ve played with one, and i’ll be doing an install next week.

basically, the customer would like to use the same PLC configuration (IP, I/O, etc.) for each remote location, as a “drop in solution”

is this possible?



It is possible to use the same PLC configuration for each remote location.

By default this is going to cause an IP conflict in the eFive but you can use NAT 1:1 on the VPN to avoid an IP conflict.

We have a Knowledge Base article that reviews how to setup NAT 1:1 on the VPN, located here:

Will I be able to use the 1:1 NAT feature with the Flexy’s LAN IP as well for remote access to its configuration pages? I have a few sites with duplicate IP schemes right down to the Flexy LAN configuration.

Hello @nlivingston,

Yes, you can use the NAT 1:1 on the ewons LAN IP address and access it at the NATed address.

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