eFive vs iPhone


how can I access my eFive with my iPhone? ecatcher?


Unfortunately, you will not be able to use eCatcher with the eFive as the eCatcher software uses our Talk2M VPN servers. You will need to establish an openVPN connection from your phone to the eFive device.

You can use an APP like openVPN connect to establish a connection to your eFive VPN server and then you should have access to your eFive’s network.

Do you think OpenVPN will be supported by iOs?


Openvpn is supported by IOS.

I think IOs supported just OpenVPN TUN but not TAP? and our eFive supported just TAP?

do you know some applications use eFive with iPhone and all works correctly?


Let us do a bit of testing. I can get back to you shortly with an answer on that. I believe we may be able to make it work however I do not want to confirm without fully testing.

Ok I’m waiting for your confirmation.


Hi Jordan,
Have you any news?


Apologies for the delay. As of yet we have not quite been able to get it working. After doing a bit more checking however I do not believe it will work for the reason you listed above, tap vs tun.