EIPScan error 1001 invalid machine code

trying to install an older version of EIPScan onto a new computer. when installing it stops and generates the following error. “1001 error invalid machine code”. I am unsure what this means or what the cause could be. is it possible I need newer version of the program to work with latest windows?

Can you please try this version:

that version is the one I currently have. it worked to be installed on an old computer but not on the one we need it on that it use to be installed on.

Please apply the following procedure:

  • Uninstall EIPScan on the regular way, please check that all files in the installation directory are deleted, otherwise delete them manually.

  • Start the Windows Explorer with administrator rights and navigate to “C:\ProgramData\Pyramid Solutions\EIPScan”. Delete the subfolder 5375-8821-2229-7643-5720. You may need to configure your explorer to show the files. Alternatively you can use another tool or console.

  • Start the Registry-Editor and search for “Acudata”. In the branch found you should see the entry “5375-8821-2229-7643-5720”. Delete the key “Acudata” and its subfolders.

  • Install EIPScan. No error should show up now when you start the tool. But you will get of course the pop-up window with the reference code.

  • then please send me the reference code. I will then manage the replacement key for you.

The instructions you provided worked, and I was able to reinstall the program on both the computers that require it. these are the reference keys for the two computers:

Great. Were you able to activate it or is it asking for a new key?

Yes I need a new key for both of them.

OK, I will request those this morning and send them once I hear back.

Hi Chris,

I just found out that the person who handles the keys for this is out until Tuesday so I can’t get them until them. I apologize and hope that this doesn’t cause you any problems.


Hello Chris,

Can you provide more info about the keys. What company were the keys purchased by and who were they registered to?


I contacted the manufacturer and got the keys from them.

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