Email alarms with an eFive

How do I setup up email alarms in an ewon flexy since we are using an eFive now instead of the talk2m relay?


You can use our authenticated relay on the eWON when not using our Talk2M infrastructure.
SMTP relay:

This relay will require a username and password which are based on a talk2m account.
If you have an older talk2M account, you can use those credentials for the username and password which will authenticate it even though you are using an efive.

Getting an error
Time Event Description Originator Help
23/02/2018 01:35:16 32601 httpc-http connect error esyncitf
23/02/2018 01:34:51 21609 uact-SMTP Server returned an error (SMTP Rep:5.7.8 Error: authentication failed: UGFzc3dvcmQ6 ) unact
23/02/2018 01:34:51 21704 ssnd-SMTP server returned an error msg unact


Can i see a screenshot of the settings you entered into your SMTP server?

I figured it out. I had an extra symbol in the user name .thanks