Email relay issue FLEXY202

I am using your Flexy 202, first time for Siemens PLC installed at client site.

I am trying to configure e-mail notifications at alarm triggering. Using your works perfect and I receive alarm mail.

But, when I try to configure smtp settings of GMAIL or ZOHO mail servers, I cant get any mail notification.

  1. I tried SSL configuration

  2. I tried TLS configuration

No use of any above.

Furthermore, I tried every known and famous mail servers, nothing worked. Each time, EVENT LOG of Flexy interface gives an error message as,

uact-SMTP Server returned an error (SMTP Rep:Must issue a STARTTLS command first. )

Further digging into mail server’s connection logs, I found that Flexy interface is sending un-encrypted message over SMTP which is strictly prohibited by every known mail service provider. Also, looking at security constrain, using un-encrypted requests for mail service should be avoided.

Looking at headers of alarm mail received from talk2m relay (image as follows), it clearly shows that your mail client and mail server ( in this case, Flexy interface and talk2m relay) is not encrypting any outgoing mails.

Because of all these, I am unable to use my own smtp service and forced to use talk2m relay. I don’t want to use

Kindly guide on this issue


I have escalated this to the eWON developers and will let you know when they respond.

Thank you,


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Kindly update me as soon as you receive response from your developer team.

Any status update?

We are still waiting for another SMTP solution at this time. I will keep you posted, but please keep in mind that when using, the emails are sent out through the encrypted VPN tunnel to our relay.

I"m sorry for the delay. This is the response I received today:

"The eWON [email capability] doesn’t support TLS, sorry, it’s the reason why we provide our own SMTP server.

SO we don’t have a solution for your customer sorry"

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