EN2MB-R on power cycle resets Ramsey Checkweiger batch


Hi Dave,

As we spoke about, we are going to need some more information about what causes the reset (error or something in software) before we can determine if anything can be done one this end to help correct this issue, so when you find out more please respond directly to this email or give us a call back and we can go over it with you.

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When we put the device into the run state, is it possible that the Modbus side could be writing zeroes to the Modbus server before the EIP side has updated the data from the PLC?

Also, are there any firmware upgrades planned for the EN2MB soon that might give us floating point support in the ControlLogix? Also, the RSLogix software crashes on editing when we’ve had the Modbus configurator open. Is that issue being addressed?




Hey Kyle,

Would it help to change the parameter download data to acyclical as opposed to I/O mapped? If so, do you have any examples of explicit messaging to write that data? There are no examples in the user guide.




Hi Dave,

To recap our phone call. You said the Ramsey device will only trigger if a new value is written to the registers. With the device started in idle, the transaction startup-mode set to “wait for data” and you writing the current value on the Ramsey device we should not be triggering a new batch.

I would like to see a wireshark capture of the traffic to and from the Linking device Client and the Ramsey Server. This should give us a clear understand of what modbus messages are being sent and if we are sending a incorrect message.



Do you guys have any examples of writing data to a non-IO mapped transaction using a ControlLogix MSG instruction? You mention that it can be done in the manual, but I can find no examples anywhere.



We have this document covering using message instructions to our standard X-gateway. https://www.anybus.com/docs/librariesprovider7/default-document-library/application-notes/hms-sci-1204-095.pdf?sfvrsn=a3f6aad6_15

Since we still do not know exactly what is triggering the new batch I am not sure that message instructions are going to help you here. All we know is the I recommend first identifying what message on the modbus side is triggering the new batch then working back from there.



Has a data item setup to be IO mapped. He needs to have one individual transaction to be setup using explicit messaging. He’s been able to read, but not able to write. Looking for the details on how to do an explicit write of a string to a specific transaction from a control logix processor


Hey Dave,

Are you sure that the tag that you’re trying to read is a holding register and not an input register?


I’m trying to write to it and yes, it’s a holding register. I can write to it fine using the transaction as I/O mapped.