We have en EN2PB gateway connected to an controllogix CPU. We made their configuration with AOP in RSlogix. This engineering station dosn’t logical neither physical connection with the downlink network wich are connected de gateway.

We can access to the downlink network with another PC, but this has not RSlogix software.

Can I download a configuration file exported (.cfg) with the configuration manager and then download to gateway with this PC that has not RSlogix software installed?

note: it’s being done like this because all implementation is being done remotely.


Unfortunately since the device’s configuration software is inside studio 5000, you must be connected to the device on a PC with studio 5000 to grab the configuration file off of the device.


We were finally able to connect to the gateway by temporarily connecting it to the uplink network with a free IP. The idea was to make the configuration with this provisional IP, to be able to download it to the gateway. Once configured, with the iptool, change the IP to the final one and move it to your final network, downlink. Would this be correct?

But we got a suspicious message at the end of the configuration transfer, giving an error validating the configuration, saying it was not acceptable. However, it seemed that the team had indeed taken the configuration.

Why is that message? that message indicates that all the configuration is rejected and the equipment remains unconfigured?


I believe it should be fine if you take the configuration and then download it to the new device and then change the IP address. As for the configuration transfer, was it a checksum error? Could you send me a screenshot of the error that you received?