EN2SE-R doesn't seem to be sending data out serial port


I have an EN2SE-R connected to a Compact logix processor (V30) and I don’t seem to be getting data sent out the serial port. I can write data to the EN2SE and see it in the log file but when I use a RS232 sniffer on the serial port I am not receiving any packets out.


Hello @gavintr,

What do you have for a configuration on the device? This will determine how and if the linking device is producing data on the serial bus.

Do you see any data if you use the built in logging feature of the configuration Manager? This will show all RX and TX data on the serial bus. You should be able to use this to monitor the serial data.

Let me know if this helps or if you have further questions.




I finally got the unit to operate properly, I had a couple of defective purchased serial cables. I saw the unit telling me it was sending responses using the logging feature so I made up my own cables and I started receiving responses. Thank you for the reply.