EN2SE-R Ethernet/IP Connections


Hi we are testing out using an EN2SE-R to connect a new ControlLogix PLC (Ethernet/IP) to an older SLC-5/04 (serial DF1), but we want to also connect an RSLogix500 engineering station (for programming the SLC) and a Red Lion DSP (for data collection from the SLC) on the Ethernet side of the EN2SE
Can the EN2SE-R be configured to allow these additional Ethernet/IP connections through to the SLC via the DF1 serial subnet?


There can only be one Ethernet/IP connection to the EN2SE-R, your Allen Bradley PLC and it cannot act as a transparent gateway. It is an I/O device.

You can have several DF1 slaves on the serial side using RS4XX.



How many devices can I connect to the PLC?

I mean if it depends on how many nodes the plc supports, would this be the capacity of devices to connect?


You would have to check with your PLC documentation or manufacturer for questions about your PLC.

If you are interested in a device that can interface with the SLC over DF1 for remote access and data collection, check out the eWON Flexy: https://www.ewon.biz/products/ewon-flexy/flexy-205