EN2SE-R Fault Determination

I am using the EN2SE-R in Generic Data Mode.
I downloaded the configuration and ran the PLC program.
Everything was working fine, but now it is faults, with no indication in the configuration manager.
How do I determine the cause of the error?

Is it faulting in studio? It should give you an error message in the module properties.

After you make changes to the configuration you need to download it to the linking device and then save it into studio when exiting the configuration manger. This updates the module definition that needs to be applied and downloaded to the PLC.


Thank you for the reply.
Yes, it is faulted in Studio, but I am unable clear the fault and establish a connection.
The fault indicated is #16x0009 - (Module Configuration Rejected).
This configuration worked at one point, but I fear it may have become corrupted. I have not intentionally made any changes since.
There is no indication in the configuration itself showing an error in the setup as far as I can tell.

I uploaded the configuration from the device, and it showed no process tags, so
I Imported the saved configuration, then downloaded it to the device, saved it into the Studio Application and downloaded to the PLC. - The device is now communicating.
I believe that the configuration may have become corrupted. Is this something you have seen before?

Hello @AMHerbert.

It is not uncommon for something to change the signature of the configuration and saving or downloading without realizing. Most likely you downloaded tot he linking device and forgot to update the module definition.


Thank you Deryck, That is what probably happened. I will be more aware of that from now on.

I have an additional questions; Is there a method, in Generic Data Mode, to send a value to the EN2SER and have it automatically echo, such as a Heartbeat Value. Can I create a command to do that?




You can cyclically send data from the gateway but there isn’t a built in option to echo data received and send the same data back out. You would need to copy the data from the input side to the output side of memory in the PLC.