EN2SE-R Generic Serial Configuration

I am working on a project that requires sending ascii data through serial. No frames, no delimitters, no CRC, just plain ascii data

I have setup an HSM-EN2SE-R as generic serial to achieve this.

The data is only 12 strings of 24 characters each, and I have the CompactLogix sending the data and I am able to see it in the Node Monitor (all the data show properly on the map) but I am not able to see it with terminal on my PC (putty). I also see the transmission counter going up in the PLC tags.

I am connecting the PC through a null-modem cable to the gateway and I am not getting any red leds from it either. Both serial configuration parameters are the same (terminal and gateway).

I am uploading the configuration file

WITS_L0 Config File Rev 1.cfg (16.0 KB)

What am I doing wrong?

You have the Control/Status word enabled, so you will need to write to the Control word in order to start the subnetwork. I would recommend disabling it to see if you see the data then.

Did you try disabling the Control word? Did that fix the problem?

Hi Kyle,

Unfortunately I haven’t tried yet. The Rig left last Friday and will arrive to Oman next week.

I will be travelling there over the weekend and start commissioning pro la my next Wednesday.

I will let you know then.


Roberto Fornez

Thanks for the update. I’ll wait to hear back.