EN2SE-R "Update Mode" field



OK so I decided to disconnect the Bus from the linking device (Pulled the plug right at the Linking device).

I performed the following,

Connect, Log,

Disconnect, Connect, Log,

Disconnect, connect, Log, Log <- This is the log (collected back to back logs) that I then collected (and attached to this e-mail).

The final logfile is the comms back to normal (with timeouts on every node as expected).

This set of logs doesn’t have the “GS Time Event” ascii (probably happened mid logs).

I recommend testing with nodes disconnected.

I have a feeling that I have seen this happen when I had one of more nodes disconnected in the past.

Maybe some correlation with how the software handles timeouts and the Log function occurring?

I can’t remember if the “Communicator” module did the same thing or not. I might be able to determine by looking at Config file dates and Log dates (If I decide to save it).

Anyway it is not any of the probes doing this.


logtda6.txt (36.7 KB)

logtda5.txt (36.7 KB)

logtda4.txt (36.7 KB)

logtda3.txt (36.7 KB)

logtda2.txt (36.7 KB)

logtda1.txt (36.7 KB)


Hi Howard,

Deryck is off this week so I checked the status of the escalation he opened. They are asking,

"I would like you to write up a detailed summary of the case outlining the current situation, relevant configuration with it’s related log file etc. So I can follow what is going on.

Also, I will inquire about the GS Event as that Seems to be coming from our unit, what may cause that. I would like to know if they ever see this with the AB7072 or if it is isolated to the Linking Device. … As far as I can tell, the serial side code should not have changed between the two.

Would it be possible for your customer to redo his configuration and make all queries Triggered? This to see if it helps on the Timeouts on the serial side? I know that some third party devices are a bit picky when there are more than one device on the subnetwork (not related to our GW) but tend to timeout if they see other traffic not meant for that node, but work fine when alone.
Using Trigger byte may alleviate that."

I think they were just looking for a summary because the post is so long (60+ comments.) Is this something you would like to put together or do you want to wait for Deryck?



I think this mornings test I did (with the Bus Unplugged right at the Linking device) kind of negates replying to anything about the Probes.

Since I was able to repeat the Log File capture of Random Data with nothing connected kind of points to something in the Linking device.

And I already mentioned ( in the last email) that I’m not sure I saw the same thing with the AB7072 “Communicator”.

If it matters, attached is the Config file that was being scanned at the Time I captured the last set of Logfiles (attached in last E-Mail).


AopConfig_Ham6b2d2.cfg (16 KB)


Hi Howard,

I apologize for the delay I have been working on explaining the issue with my colleague in Sweden. I am trying to track down where the GS-event/timer string is coming from and if it is not coming from the linking device how else it might be showing up in the logs.