Encrypted MQTT communication with AB7554


AB7554 supports MQTT, but password is sent in clear text.
Is it possible to enable encryption for MQTT?


Have you enabled encryption (using port 8883) in the broker?


Hello Kyle,

We have, but it does not solve our problem.

The Mosquitto server-broker is installed on cloud server on internet. MQTT.fx communicate with server-broker installed on cloud.mycompany.com over port 8883 with TLS encryption.

X-Gateway AB7554 is connected to internet and is intended to send MQTT data with TLS encryption to cloud.mycompany.com, but there is no support for TLS function in the X-gateway.

Customer does not accept sending unencrypted data to internet.

Application look like in the picture below.

Med vennlig hilsen / Best Regards



Unfortunately, at this time the AB7554 does not support TLS so it should not be used to send MQTT communications directly over the internet, but only via a secure network. You could send this data through a VPN tunnel, for example, if the cloud service supported that or use a MQTT Bridge (broker to broker).




AB7554 does not support VPN and using a computer on the LAN side only for hosting the MQTT Broker is to expensive and unnecessary complicated.

Do you have other product that support Ethernet/IP to MQTT with TLS directly from the GW?



Have you looked at the eWON Flexy?


I have.

Customer use Omron PLC’s and unfortunately Flexy 205 does not support Ethernet/IP when used with Omron, only Fins.

For several reasons customer does not accept using Fins protocol.

Regards, Tormod