In the OPCUA manual for the Flexy (aug-0064) it is mentioned that the Flexy handles different types of encryption:

“The Flexy is capable of handling different:
• Security policy:
– None: no encryption.
– Basic256.
– Basic256Sha256”

How is this handled when the connection is made?

Is there a default Security mode if it is not specified in the connection?

I ask because i have an OPC UA client application used to take samples of the Ewon tag values and it’s not working. The engineers who developed this program believe that the problem may be related to the certificate and encryption settings. For what its worth, the program in question here works just fine with an ewon running 13.2s1, but anything 14 or later causes issues on the client side.

Hi David,

The default would be having no security on the device but that can be changed here:

I’m not sure if this screen is available on 13.2s1 but I would check there to start with.

sorry for not clarifying this, but I am referring to the OPC server on the Flexy. The application i am using which is not connecting is acting as the client to the Flexy’s server.

After looking through that document I think that would depend on which certificate you choose to upload to the OPCUA server on the Flexy