epxy-Maximum sessions per port reached


We have a customer that is getting a lot of “33106 epxy-Maximum sessions per port reached” errors and I was wondering what this means and how to fix it? Flexy is communicating to a Mitsubishi PLC and is operating on cellular.

Does he have a proxy configured? He can increase sessions per port here:

It doesn’t look like the customer has any proxies in use, all of the “Entry X” values are disabled… Why would this be an error they would get if there is no proxy used?

Can you provide a backup with support files?

Are there any other “symptoms” or are just noticing the error msg?

Well we have been troubleshooting connection issues, not sure if it’s the network or the HMS servers (Kevin has been in on this part).

Attached is a backup. Just to clarify I don’t want both you and Kevin working on the same thing, I’d like to keep this post related to the proxy issues. Also, please hide this backup from the public.

What do you mean by “the proxy issues”? Just the error message or is something else going on?

Please have him change ProxyMaxSocks (in comcfg) from 5 to 25.

FYI, There are indications in the logs that EMI is causing issues with the switch ports:

That’s probably a reason why there are connection issues.

By “proxy issues” I meant the epxy-Maximum sessions issue, sorry for not being concise here.

Do you have any standard recommendations for mitigating EMI issues on the switches? This is actually one of the few devices that has a hardwired connection.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Nick,

No problem, just making sure I wasn’t missing something.

For mitigating the EMI, try to use only shielded ethernet cables. The short “patch” cables usually aren’t shielded and that’s often the culprit.

Other than that, try to located the device and cabling as far away as possible from sources of EMI.


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