Error code 16#012a invalid output application path, adding module to compactlogix 5069-L310

Trying to add anybus IP adapter to Allen Bradley RSlogix 5000 network but keep getting the following error code “16#012a invalid output application path”. Module part number is 4,044,014 using EDS file 0534000C03010109.eds with 40 SINT inputs and 40 SINT outputs?

What is the article number for the anybus gateway? The error points towards the EDS file being incorrect. You can try adding it as a generic IO modules with instances input 100 output 150 config 1. Or we can see if we can find you the correct eds file from the devices support pages.


Thanks Deryck, I managed to solve the problem, EDS file was fine but did not have the right amount of SINT’s set up in the PLC software

Thanks for a follow up, I typically expect an error about the size when this is the case. Glad to hear you have it working.