Error during file compression

This has happened already several times. I’m using Flexy 201, firmw 14.1s0
I use a Basic script to collect the logs, create a file, compress it, save it on the external SD memory, and send it by email.
It works flawlessly most of the time.
From time to time the compressed file arrives corrupted.
When you check the logs by the time the file was created the only thing you can find is the following:

25/04/2020 16:46:12 23607 exp-File circularized unact

25/04/2020 16:46:12 934 pcmflash-File was circularized unact

What do those errors mean?

This doesn’t happen every day, but has already happened several times, enough to be reported.

Thank you.


The logs are FIFO so when they get full it will delete the oldest parts. This error happens when you are reading the logs while this process is happening. For more info:

It is weird the system cannot stop a process to finish another and restart it afterwards.
Will see what I can do.
I tried to use DMWeb, but the download of the same amount of data is painfully slow. It take about 25 seconds to get a 2MB of information.
Thank you for you help.

I hear what you are saying… I think it’s because of the way the script is manually pulling the data.